Monsters of HipHop

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“Great job matching the words and really executing it as if you are the one saying it. Love it. You two have such an amazing connection when you dance like you guys work so well together. Musicality is unreal; you have such a great energy together."

~Robert Green

"You're so clean, and you get it. You get where that technique comes from. Way to use the whole stage and you guys work so well off each other. I love that you're switching up this vibe, I love that you're switching up the songs, and every time you switch the songs, you match the music perfectly"

~Andye J

"I like that you guys are really keeping opposing pictures. Good detail to that."

~Alex Fetbroth

8th Union set from BYOB Elite

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"I really love the way you guys layered your choreo here, I love it. This is just a very mature set. Especially in comparison to what we've seen so far. I just love the shapes and the choices...are just really smart. It's just so nice to see just a sense of maturity and sophistication in your guys' choreography and you performance, but more than anything I love the fact that you guys just picked one song and just expressed the shit out of it. It was really really beautiful and it was actually a dance."

~Addy Chan (For 8th Union's winning routine)

"This choreography is very interesting. I'm loving the fusion of styles within the choreography. I enjoyed the style; I enjoyed the composure you guys carried."

~Mike Song (For 8th Union's winning routine)

"As always what I love with you guys is you don't fail to meet the expectations. Performance, attitude, and you hit the steps. I'm continually proud because I've seen you guys perform a bunch of ties, and I'm continually proud with what I see."

~Kojo "Tuch" Mayne (For 8th Union's winning routine)